15 Best street food cities for Travelers

Some of the best meals a traveler will relish are on the streets. Don’t you believe that? If not then travellerspeaks will help you to discover for yourself. Cities with a rich reputation for fine dining will have some of their best meals served on push carts, mobile food vans, sidewalk vendors, holes in a wall, etc. Most chefs on the street are not craving for recognition; they want people to come to them for their good food. They are passionate about their food and their customers satisfied and come back to them again and again for more. Here are 15 best street food cities for travelers who offer the best meals:

Bangkok, Thailand

If you have travelled to Bangkok, you will understand that it’s impossible to avoid street food in Bangkok. Here you will find sidewalk vendors operating on a fixed rotation in different parts of the city.
You are going to find different vendors who take care of the breakfast crowd serving sweet soymilk and bean curd and for lunch poached chicken and fragrant rice. For the late night crowd there are phad thai noodles to grilled satay and much more.

Most people recommend a crisp fried mussel pancake called hoy tod nai mong and noodle soup with chicken wing stew with young egg and pork intestine known as Kuay tiew kai soi sai nam phung.

Tokyo, Japan

You are going to find some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants here than anywhere else. Apart from serving sushi, it is the grilled meats that are served here attract both young and old dinners. The charcoal used is of a different variety that can grill fresh ingredients with high heat which can trap all the goodness of the meat inside.

Tokyo has the benefit of being near the Meguro River, which is considered as one of the most beautiful spots for flower watching.

Istanbul, Turkey

Simit, a kind of mix between a bagel and a pretzel, is the most recognizable Turkish street food. The aroma of freshly baked Simit, dipped in molasses and crusted with sesame seeds draws one and all around Istanbul.

As there are so many people from around Turkey and the region have migrated here, you will the city’s sidewalks as a sampler platter. Durum, kebabs turned into wraps are available easily on street corners and are savored by all. Another simple yet satisfying meal at all times in the night is the Turkish pizza called lahmacun. The immensely satisfying Turkish ice cream is a must try for any traveler.

Marrakech, Morocco

Moroccans certainly have a serious sweet tooth. Any traveler can tell you that when they see colorful and very tempting spread of sugar in a lot of cookies and pastries sold in the stalls in the markets. The tempting smell of food fills the air in the streets of Moroccan cities. Nowhere else will you find the quality and diversity greater than in Marrakech.

The city gathers among snake charmers and musicians at the Jemaa el-Fnaa in the evenings to taste the incredible spread of Moroccan delicacies that are on offer in the street stalls. This is one of the places where food is not pricey. Therefore you can taste everything. From freshly squeezed fruit juices to snail soup and sheep heads. However, the most loved street snack is the Meloui. It is a pancake made of folded pastry that you buy hot off the stove.

Mumbai, India

Mohammad Ali Road, this is the place where every traveler has to visit. You will not find any signs or menus but you can head to stalls where you will find the most crowds. This is the place you need to eat. From colorful kebabs or delicate partridges to hearty biryanis, sweet mango lassis and malpua pancakes. You will get everything here. The caramel custard and firni satisfies even the jagged sweet tooth. And for anytime snack you can try the golden vada pav made out of mashed potatoes jazzed up with garlic, chili and herbs. A must try for every traveler when in Mumbai

Rome, Italy

Today, Italian food is accepted and relished by all around the world. The pizza near the Vatican carefully made slow-leavened dough’s from stone-ground flour. It is topped with fresh, seasonal ingredients. If you don’t get to eat this then you have surely missed something.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is the place where you find treats meant for eating by the water. pastries are filled with savory bits of chicken or cheese called Empada make a great lunch. If you are looking for something to cool you then, Brazil’s wealth of tropical fruits have been made into juices and frozen into popsicles called sacoles.

Tapioca fried into a crepe that’s crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle is found everywhere in Rio. Cheese or chicken is available for people who want savory options. For people with sweet tooth there is bananas coated with sweetened condensed milk that shouldn’t be missed.

Beijing, China

With food courts mushrooming you will find Beijing’s street food here. Well-hidden among the narrow paths of the hutongs around Houhai Lake is the Jiumen Snack Street. You are likely to find more than 200 kinds of snacks, drinks and desserts here.

Night market at Wangfujing Snack Street, offers lots of food on sticks, including bizarre nibbles like scorpions and seahorses. You will also find steaming bowls of noodles which is a spicy Sichuan dish.

Cairo, Egypt

Today’s global urban snack food is with falafel, shawarma and kofta an origin of Egyptian street food. There are a lot more dishes to sample here that are yet to make it international.
You will get mixes of rice, pasta, lentils and chickpeas, topped with a vinegary-tomato sauce. The street food is warm, flavorful, cheap and filling. And for dessert, you should have the kunafa, and then wash it down with a hot cup of tea.

Paris, France

When in Paris, it is not just the fine dining you must experience the city’s humblest food as well. Vendors roasting chestnuts on the streets on a cold day is what you must try. Crepes on the streets around Montparnasse taste even better here than in restraints. The most satisfying any time of day meal is a buckwheat crepe made with gruyere, ham and egg, crispy around the edges, soft in the middle is made has to be tried by every traveler. Or you could just have Nutella with a sliced banana.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong weekend activity here is to eat street food. They serve the best steamed rice rolls soaked in soy, sesame and hoisin sauce. People even enjoy braised turkey kidneys and pig intestines here. The city’s best sweet tofu custard and Cantonese egg waffle is a must try.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexican food by itself is a totally different cuisine. The taco stands here always serve fresh tortillas and grilled meats. Another must try dish is tlacoyos, it is topped with cheese, favas and a dollop of green salsa.

Today Mexicans are using diverse yet original ingredients filled with flavors which Is impossible to find anywhere else. For tyravellers you will find atole drinks of rice and masa for breakfast and tacos and mexcal for the night.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaiian food is a creative is a combining local tradition with the mix of tastes of migrants from the mainland United States, Asia and Latin America. The result is a raw fish salads known as poke (poh-kay), which is available just like sandwich in other cities.

Inspired by the flavors of kimchi to ceviche, tuna and octopus are the two most typical options. The thriving food truck culture gives every traveler a culinary tour of Hawaii. The Shrimp Trucks offers shrimp in a sauce filled with chunks of caramelized garlic.

Cartagena, Colombia

The abundance of street carts, food trucks and kitchen windows make the journey through Cartagena so much better.
Every corner has someone serving arepas, sort of cornbread or like a pancake, filled with generous amount of cheese and dollops of butter. You will also find open grills with skewers, chorizo, and other carnivorous delicacies’.

You will also get ceviche in little cups drenched in a red cocktail sauce and towards the end of the day; you can enjoy the carts selling mango pulp and vodka.

Dakar, Senegal

The whiff of freshly baked baguettes in the wee hours comes from vendors who appear on every nook and corner. You can enjoy this on the sidewalks with simple fillings like deliciously greasy eggs or you can enjoy this at home. It can also be relished with Chocoleca, which is a Senegalese version of Nutella that combines chocolate and peanuts instead of hazelnuts.

When you are there for lunch it’s time for you to try the national dish the thiebou dieune, Thieb is rice and the dieune is fish, accompanied by veggies like carrots, potatoes or eggplant it has a spicy stuffing. It is rich and flavorful since it is cooked in a broth. It is not too spicy, though you add chilies on the side.

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