Royal Delicacies of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas, is famous for its Rajasthani cuisine boasting of a never-ending platter with a plethora of dishes. So, when you visit Rajasthan you must savour the Royal Delicacies of Rajasthan. A range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, both sweet and savoury delicacies are prepared with milk, lots of clarified butter (ghee) and local spices.  These are the prerequisites of many local dishes.

Here are mouth watering Royal Delicacies of Rajasthan from the land of the Maharajas that you just have to try on your visit to Rajasthan or it will be incomplete.

Dal Bati Churma

It is a spicy preparation of five different dals known as Panchkuti Dal, a deep-fried Baati along with a mouth-watering and somewhat sweetish churma. The baatis are baked flaky round breads made of various ingredients like, wheat flour, semolina, bengal gram flour, salt, milk and ghee that are served after dipping in ghee. The unsalted or the sweet version of the baatis is deep fried in ghee then crushed and mixed with jaggery or sugar forming the churma for an appetizing recipe.

Laal Maas

Laal Maas is one of the best non-vegetarian dishes of Rajasthan. It gets its colour from the liberal use of fiery red mathania chillies. It is a meat curry made with a yogurt-based saucewhich can be relished with either aromatic rice or Indian flatbread. Don’t miss it when you are here in Rajasthan.

Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri is a pickle that is a combination of Ker, a tangy wildberry, and Sangri which is dried beans of Khejri, Rajasthan’s state tree. It is a stir fried dish with an array of local spices. This dish may not look tempting, but it bursts with flavours that make it a must-try dish and can be savoured with the humble bajra roti. 

Pyaaz and Mawa Kachori

Mawa kachor is typically from Jodhpur are a must try dish in Rajasthan. These kachoris are stuffed with mawa along with crispy dry fruits and served hot, making your mornings sweet and picture-perfect. You will also get the pyaaz ki kachoris. another common breakfast snack and a savoury version stuffed with onions, spices and garnished with chutneys and curds. For breakfast in Rajasthan you have the option of savouring the sweet or savoury version.

Mohan Maas

Mohan Maas is a delicately cooked meat-dish and a treat for every non-vegetarian. Cooked with milk and mild spices which makes the meat tender and juicy. It comes with rich gravy flavoured with cardamom, lemon and khus-khus among other ingredients, making the dish even more luscious.  

Gatte Ki Sabzi

A traditional delicacy of Rajasthan, Gatte Ki Sabzi is an easy to digest and popular curry. It is either fried or steamed gram flour balls cooked in buttermilk with lots of Indian spices, resulting in a delicious tangy flavour. It is best eaten with both roti and rice.

Rajasthani Kadi 

The Rajasthani kadi is a pungent and spicy which will give your taste buds a kick start. It does not contain pakoras or gram flour dumplings This light and healthy dish a very quick and easy preparation and is a staple diet in the state which goes well with rice.


Ghevar, any festival or celebration is incomplete without this classic sweet signature dish in Rajasthan. It is made from flour, milk and ghee together, and is then doused in sugar syrup, and sprinkled with a lot of almonds, pistachios and saffron on top. It is available in different shapes (usually disc-shaped), sizes and comes in various varieties, like Plain Ghevar, Malai Ghevar or Mava Ghevar. Aptly called one of the crown dishes of Rajasthani food it is a heaven for people with a sweet tooth.

Mirchi Vada

The Jodhpur mirchi bada, is a spicy chilli cutlet made of chilli and potato stuffing. It is a popular Rajasthani snacks that goes along well with tamarind and mint chutney or tomato sauce. 

Kalmi Vada

Made of batter of chana dal, onion, dhania seeds, chillies and other ingredients, this crispy and crunchy perfect tea-time snack delicacy can be savoured with chilli or mint chutneys.

Moong Daal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwas are mostly prepared during winters in Rajasthan. This dish is a must in the menus for royal marriage ceremonies. Prepared from Moong dal, ghee and garnished with rich dry fruits, the sweet taste can be experienced in every bite of it.

Raw Mango Launji

Kachhe Aam ki Laungi is your best bet other than pickles. It is a sweet and sour Rajasthani pickle prepared by cooking marinated raw mangoes in aromatic spices and sugar. It will give the perfect sidekick for all your various varieties of parathas.  


During the festival of Holi or Diwali you will find Gujia everywhere. It is made out of mouth-melting sweetened khoya and crushed dry fruits. Moulded into little dumplings made out of either semolina or all purpose flour and then deep fried to add the element of crisp, making it a must try Rajasthani delicacy.

Churma Ladoo

Churma Ladoo is a blend of wheat flour, jaggery and desi ghee, a famous Rajasthani food and is also popular in Gujarat. Churma Ladoo is also a must dessert for every meal and is most popularly made during the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Apart from the above mentioned food you must also try the gajak, sweet lassi, buttermilk, jal zeera and panipuri to name a few. Now that you know what the food of Rajasthan are, make sure you try these when you visit the best places in Rajasthan.

The magnificent range of unique dishes will definitely want you to have more and we bet at travellerspeaks it won’t be the last.

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