Tips to save money on food while traveling

Most travelers feel that they spend very less on food while travelling. But when they get back home they are in for a shock when they sit down to calculate the budget. Sampling the local food is one of the best ways to experience your chosen destination. So, the next time you travel you can keep in mind the tips to save money on food while traveling.


Do a little bit of website research of the best restaurants that will fit your small budget or you could sign up for email alerts for free or discount coupons or for information about promotions. If you plan to visit an expensive restaurant you could eat cheap the day before or after. So, by planning ahead you could stick to your budget and still save money on food.

Look for Accommodations with a Kitchen

You may be staying in an expensive hotel or an apartment. The wisest decision a traveler can make is to look for accommodation with a kitchen. You can experiment with the local ingredients and also save your budget on food.

Carry your Water Bottle

Avoid buying drinking water at souvenir shops. Instead pick up a bottle at grocery store at a much lesser price.

Always carry Snacks

Carry fruits, nuts or chocolates in your backpack when travelling. And when you take a break to eat at a restaurant you will not be starving and will order less food.

Enjoy the Street Food

For a traveler street food is the best and affordable. However, precautions must be taken. Choose stalls which are most crowded, as you will notice that with a high turnover of food you are sure to get fresh food.

Visit Cafes

You can choose to visit the local cafes over fine dining, as their food prices will be a lot cheaper.

Take advice from Locals

Most often we see travelers are caught up at expensive places. So, just ask the locals the most affordable place where you can grab a bite. They can be your best food guides.

Make the most of your Hotel

When your hotel offers complimentary breakfast be wise and eat a combination of fruits, proteins and vegetables. This way you will avoid becoming hungry soon.

Visit local Grocery store

For a simple meal it is best to visit the local supermarket or farmers market to pick up the ingredients.

Visit places around the local markets

Every traveler feels content when they are shopping around the local markets. You will get the best street food for travelers here which is authentic, amazingly tasty and cheap.

Most of the time it is taxing for a traveler to eat on a budget. But with a little help from the locals you will often find affordable local street food around. Moreover, as a traveler you must be adventurous and flexible to sample local cuisine and you can save a good sum on your travels, and still enjoy your food. There are ample ways to satisfy your appetite when on a vacation. Follow travellerspeaks 10 tips to save money on food while you travel and have a happy journey.

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