My 20 Best Travel Tips for every Traveler

Every travelerspeaks of lessons learned from traveling. Every traveler has to go through his or her fair share of mishaps. However this can be avoided by keeping a few important things in mind which can make your travel much easier. So, here are my 20 best travel tips:

1 Keep a list

Just before your trip jot down what things you need during your trip or you can make a mental list of items you don’t want to forget. For example, it is necessary to plan ahead what outfits you want to take. Be it for comfort of for the photos, so that you don‘t have to look back with regret wishing you could have put a little more effort into packing.

2 Make photocopies of passport and other important documents

It is wise to carry a photocopy of your passport and other documents in a separate bag. In case you lose your original you will always have the copy. This way you will not be forced to pay extra money in a foreign land.

3 Be flexible and tolerant

Although we plan ahead at times thing may not go as planned. So, be prepared for delays without getting upset. It is extremely important to be patient while travelling.

4 Learn the local language

Learn simple phrases like, thank you, please and I’ am sorry in the local language will go a long way.

5 Take a separate carry-on

Some important items like, toothbrush, medications, electronics, swimsuit can go in your carry-on. Although all these are available everywhere having them in your carry-on will save you money and time in case your luggage gets lost.

6 Before you take public transport get a fair idea about the price

When travelling it is always good to ask about the price before you hop on a public transport, just to avoid being taken for a ride.

7 Put your room number, hotel address in your phone

It can be difficult for some to remember hotel address, room number, phone numbers, etc. so it’s best to note it down on your phone.

8 Alert your bank and people at home know your travel plans

Its best to keep your close family informed about your travel plans. And if you are planning to spend a lot with your credit card let the bank know well in advance so that they do not put a hold on your card while you are overseas.

9 Put easily recognizable item on your luggage

Today you will find a stream of identical bags on the baggage carousel. So, it’s best to tie a ribbon or put a sticker on your bags. Hence, you will avoid other passengers pulling your bags off the carousel.

10 Stay hydrated on planes

The best way to avoid a jet lag is to stay hydrated. Since, it is easier to get dehydrated at 30,000 feet, take fluids as much as you can.

11 Ask the locals

The locals can be your best guides. So, if you want expert advice on restaurants, the best coffee shops or you want to know the best spot to watch the sunset they can be your best guides.

12 Be spontaneous

At times those spontaneous moments while travelling can turn out to be the best memories you will carry for life. So be prepared for that as well.

13 Keep your money in separate bags

While you can carry cash and cards in a wallet. It is advisable to keep some cash and a back up credit/bank card in a separate bag.

14 Keep a handy first aid kit

Never forget to pack a small first aid kit with cough drops, bandages, aspirin, cold meds, Neosporin, etc. these can turn out to be a life saver for a traveler.

15 Wear Sunscreen and keep your personal items separate

It’s important to carry a sun screen as it will be used every day. Keeping your personal items in separate bags is necessary in case one gets lost you will still have some personal clothes in the other bag.

16 Capture the best moments on your camera

If you have captured the best views on your camera, they can make the best souvenirs to gift people back home. And best tip for every traveler, you are a visitor, be respectful and don’t judge other customs.

17 Remember your flight number

This can make things simple especially when you are in a foreign airport. Since most airports do not list the full names of destination airports or even list by flight number alone.

18 Keep boarding pass safe

We usually toss the boarding pass as soon we step off the plane. So think again. It can serve as proof of travel if your airline refuses to give you the proper credit for frequent flier miles.

19 Stay away from free public wifi

Avoid logging into bank accounts or entering any passwords while using free public WIFI at places. But if they have a password for it then you can go ahead.

20 Spend more quality time in less places

When travelling don’t try to go everywhere and do everything at one time. Instead of running from one end of a country to another, get to know one region well. Constant packing and unpacking, dealing with different time zones, visa issues can burn you out and also eat into your finances. So, slow down and you’ll get a better feel for a place.

Nishat Fathima

Nishat is a SEO copywriter, content strategist, blogger and a designer by profession. She can engage her audience and bring more business through her blogs. In her free time, she enjoys travelling and making friends. You can also write for Travellerspeaks.

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