10 Best Places to Travel Alone In US

If you are a frequent solo traveler you must have realized by now how refreshing and motivating it is to travel alone once in a while. You are ready to take more risks, explore new lands and cultures and get adventurous. And if you are planning to visit the US, be it arty enclaves to national parks or head to the cities here are the 10 Best Places to Travel Alone in US.

While it is good to travel with others, taking a solo trip also has its benefits. You will have less distraction and hence be able to explore the destination better. You will learn about how you see and relate to the world which can lead to personal growth.

Austin, Texas

In Austin, festivals are a way of life. It is a musical town and perfectly matches its great outdoor BBQ. You can stroll around the parks or splash in local swimming holes this city has a wide array of solo-friendly activities for solo travelers.

Atlanta, Georgia

For solo travelers Atlanta has a thriving nightlife with a lot of options. You can attend the meet-and-greet events at the cocktail lounges of glitzy Buckhead or just head to the trivia nights at the bars of East Atlanta. You can also visit the High Museum of Art and Piedmont Park as well.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is considered as the friendliest cities in the country. Its culture and food is best enjoyed with family. You can join the community table at the restaurant and end up with new friends who may even ask you to join them for Sunday supper at their house.

Sedona, Arizona

Soak in Sedona’s famous red rocks as they blaze under the setting sun. Take advantage of travelling alone to this place by enjoying the areas magnificent stillness without anyone disturbing you.

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

When travelling alone take the less trodden path like the Hot Springs National Park which is the oldest national parks in the US. With your base at Hot Springs, you can soak into the traditional bath at Buckstaff Baths once you’ve hiked the trails.

New York City, New York

This city welcomes solo travelers as well as crowds. It is said that you can travel alone here you can travel anywhere. Take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, or curl up with a book under a tree in Central Park, you are likely to have the most memorable solo experiences in the country. You can explore the great halls of the Metropolitan Museum or you could just relax sipping a cocktail under the stars on a rooftop bar.

San Francisco, California

Be yourself when you are in San Francisco. It welcomes solo travelers to it’s free summer concerts and festivals. It is considered as one of the best cities to travel alone in the US. You can also plan a day trip to Yosemite, and it is worth it. Restaurants in San Francisco have inviting bar seating for one. You can hop into a cable car and view the city with the wind in your hair.


This is the most walkable city and you could stroll anywhere between attractions. When you are in Chicago don’t miss out on the delicious deep dish pizza. A must try for every traveler.

Washington DC

Washington DC is a great place to travel alone in the US. Since all the historical sights and museums are within walking distance of each other you can easily opt for their excellent public transport. It has more than 20 museums to choose from and are best when explored alone.

Key West, Florida

Key West welcomes solo travelers with all sorts of inclusive events it’s different from the entire country. Famous for its sunny shores, open-air concerts, impromptu parades, dive beach bars and its wild and playful side.

If you want to know what the US has to offer to solo travelers travellerspeaks 10 Best Places to Travel Alone in Us has every information you are looking for. US has a lot to offer and you just have to take the first step to get started.

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